.....Miami Chaine Professional Members.....
Johnson & Wales University, College of Culinary Arts
1701 Northeast 127th St., North Miami, Florida
Bruce Ozga,  Dean Culinary Education
Conseillier Culinaire Provincial S.E. Honoraire/

The Scholar Ship
Culinary & Hospitality Training
• 305-827-7121
Paolo Benassi, Commandeur
Consul Generals...
Chevalier d’Honneur is an honorary title formally bestowed to digitaries.
Ribbons are burgundy in color.
Clément Leclerc, Consul General of France Miami (2017)
Cándido Creis, Consul General of Spain Miami (2017)
*Maria Christina Barrios, Consul General of Spain Miami (2015)
Gael de Maisoneuve, Consul General of France Miami (2013)

Blue Horse Hotel Management
Mami, Florida
• 305-849-4404
Robert Gaymer-Jones, Maitre Hotelier
Miami, Florida


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Robert Binder, Maitre de Table Restaurateur; Oceania Cruises
Robert Donato, Maitre de Table Hotelier
Juana Franklin, Maitre de Table Hotelier
Joel Gosler, Professionnel du Vin
David Hackett, Maitre Rotisseur
William Martin, Officer Maitre Rotisseur
Moises Rivas, Conseiller des Professionnels des E.U. Honoraire
Kristina Sazama, Professonnel du Vin
Gray Shealy, Maitre Hotelier; Royal Caribbean Cruises
Jean Pierre Stauffer, Bailli Delegue Honoraire /Maitre Hotelier

Pane Amore International Fine Wines & Gourmet Foods
MiamI, Florida
• 305-513-0097
Jose Vila, Commandeur